Not focusing on your staircases while thinking about improving the interior design of your space is a Rookie mistake that you should avoid. However, most top interior designers in Hyderabad will tell you endless possibilities to achieve through an adequately designed staircase. So to transform your bare staircase into a mind-blowing one and make it stand out to bring a bit more character to this overlooked space in your house.

Why should you pay attention to the staircase?

Suppose you ask the interior designers in Hyderabad or anywhere in the world. In that case, they will have the same answer regarding paying attention to the staircase to improve the interior design of a house. The thing is that the staircase is such an imposing structure that you can not deviate your eyes from it. It is often the first thing you notice when you walk inside someone’s house. An adequately designed one can create a unique focal point that can impress anyone who walks through the door. Pictures of some of the best interior designers’ houses with staircases always ensure that due recognition is given to the space and is not ignored. If you want to achieve a sleek look with proper interior design, don’t let this mistake make your staircase look extremely basic and ordinary.

Some fantastic modern interior design that will make your staircase stand out:

  • Using a runner as a statement piece.
    A simple but elegant way to make your status pop out is through a runner. The best way to describe a runner would be to call them a long-awaited carpet that can add a nice touch to the stairs. Depending upon your aesthetic, you can go wild while choosing the runner for your stairs. You can go from monochromatic shades to any beautiful pattern that you want. Make sure to keep a little bit of the floor of the stairs peeping on either side of the runners. This is great for making the stairs pop out and will keep the staircase from wearing out by cushioning your steps.
  • Add a dash of paint.
    Many people avoid painting staircases with bright colors. However, some of the best interior designers in Hyderabad often advise the opposite. The stairs provide an affordable way to transform how a space looks. Therefore, if you are after affordable interior designs, shopping for your favorite color might be all you need. You can also use a faux wood finish paint job if you like the warmth it brings to any space.
  • Rainbow staircases are all the rage.
    Many modern houses choose a minimalist design. If such is your aesthetic, then probably a little pop of color by painting staircases with rainbow colors is the solution. By rainbow, we do not mean the kind of stairs you find in pre-schools: relatively soft pastel alternatives or patterned rainbow colors. You will easily find affordable interior designers in Hyderabad who will be able to find the perfect hues that will match the rest of your space to create your rainbow.
  • Make use of a unique handrail.
    A simple way to transform your staircase is to use a character handrail to ditch boring old handrails for fun options. You can also decorate the existing one to give it a bit of design. This simple change can significantly impact how the entire space looks. However, choose a sturdy handrail that can support your body when using the stairs. Never compromise safety for design.
  • Add a Chic newel post.
    Newel posts are generally associated with old staircases, but modern ones can also have one. However, there is generally a dramatic difference in designs. You can make a custom one for yourself. Do not go for traditional design and something sleek, which can stand out as almost an art piece.
  • Add modern lighting fixtures.
    Custom lighting for your staircase is probably all you need to make them look cool. Many people only fix a bulb or two on the landings, but you can make it better by using LED strips on the stairs themselves to make a dreamy effect.


For a modern interior design for a staircase, you can try out plenty of options. Any professional interior designer will tell you that staircases are not given their due recognition by homeowners, which is a huge mistake when properly charting out a plan to transform a space’s interior decoration. To avoid these, use the ideas given above for your area and you will surely notice a huge difference. Do not be afraid of bold color and letting your personality shine. However, to keep with a modern design, always keeps the functionality of the space first while finalizing the design plan. There is plenty of professional help available that can help you on this journey of your to achieve a chic modern staircase.